August 5

Well here it is Friday. School started today in Lawrence County. I’m a school bus driver so today is my first day also. Not a good day for me, the kids were good, the school a little hectic, but my bus didn’t do so well. Most of the day was spent at the bus garage getting it taken care of. I hope this isn’t a bad sign for the school year. Monday will be better.

Last night one of our sows had 6 babies. They are so cute. Should have got a picture, the litter that was born last week and the new litter last night were all piled up together and sleeping. All I could think of was (what a pile of pork). Sorry, but when you’re a pig farmer that’s how you think.

We are getting ready to have our yellow lab bred, she’s a beautiful lab, last time she had a litter she had 14 pups. It was in our bathroom. We’re doing things a little different this time, I’ve made a birthing place in the barn. If all works out should have pups by Dec.. We’ll have it on our web site and facebook if you are interested.  That’s all for today, I’m sure tomorrow will bring it’s own surprises. God Bless, until next time.

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