August 13

I’m sure you have had one of those day where everything goes crazy. Well today was mine. It started out normal, me and Maggie gave the dogs a bath. Then I decided to burn a brush pile down by the road and pond. No matter what I did I couldn’t get that pile of brush and old pallets to burn. It started at first just with newspaper and matches. Not long it gave up. I got my weed burner and used it to fire up the brush pile. I thought it was going to go. Think again. Soooooo, I gave in and tried gas. That didn’t even work. So we gave up and we’ll try another day. Next it was time to trim some trees. Fired up the old chain saw and 2 limbs later it decided to quit. Not giving up yet, 4-5 pulls on the starter rope and here we go again. You guessed it, the old chain saw quit again. I gave it a couple more tries and enough is enough. I’ll work on the chain saw tomorrow after church. By this time Maggie suggested we do some lunch, good idea. We load all the tools in the truck and head back to the house to clean up a little, and off to our favorite Mexican joint. After a wonderful lunch we get back to the house to try and get something done. We have a frig on the back porch. We decided to move it to the storage room. Got it strapped to dolly and the dolly has a flat tire. Get the compressor fill the tire and into the house we go. Not yet, forgot to take the last hinge off. Do over. Finally got it in and in place and doors back on. That thing was heavy. Sat on the back porch for a little bit before going out to feed. It started raining, guess where all the tools are? Yep, in the back of the truck. What a day! One last thing, went out to feed and the billy was in the barn trying to get to the girls. Got him back in his pen, finished feeding and checked the electric fence and found it wasn’t working. Found where the fence was grounded and closed the barn. I forgot, all of this was done while it was pouring rain. I’m glad these days don’t come around often. Until next time, God Bless.

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