It’s Been Awhile

Well here it is the day after Labor Day weekend. Everyone is back to work and school, even us school bus drivers.

I haven’t written for some time, we’ve been pretty busy getting our booth ready at Bleu 32, in Columbia, Tennessee. The store is top notch and all of the vendors are great. If you are in the area stop by the store on Columbia’s town square, and take a look. Don’t forget to check out Willow Tree Farm booth, thanks.

It’s been exciting around here the last few weeks, not just getting ready for the store to open, but the farm has been busy too. The last couple of weeks 2 of our Large Black Hog sows have delivered. The 2 sows had 5 new babies each. Unfortunately there was 1 still born in each litter. We have 3 new boys and 5 new girls. All of the goats have been bred except 1. That one belongs to a friend, I hope she gets bred soon, having winter babies is tough. The cold is hard on the new born. With all of this I have built 2 new clocks, 2 coffee tables, and 1 table made from an old treadle sewing machine base. I’ll be posting pictures on the photo gallery soon.

It was exciting at Bleu 32 store opening this weekend. A lot of people came through the store. Thanks to all of our friends and family that made Willow Tree Farm booth a success. Everyone said that this will be a big asset to the town square. I think all of the vendors had good sales. I know we did. Everyone put so much work into their booths, and it really showed. Columbia’s town square is really growing, a new boutique opened the same weekend as Bleu 32, there are restaurants and shops that wasn’t there a few years ago. Good news for the old town square.

Another note, the garden is about done producing. About all we have left are some hot peppers and watermelon. Speaking of watermelon, I picked a huge melon the other day. It was big enough for me to weigh the crazy thing. Guess how much it weighed? You’re close, it weighed 45.8 pounds. Biggest watermelon I’ve ever grown. With that little brag I think I’ll call it a night. Until next time, God Bless.

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