Sad day

Today I had to put my oldest sow down. She has not been doing well since she had her last litter about 3 weeks ago. About a week after birthing she got down in her back legs. At first I thought she had hurt her back foot. But each day brought more problems with her legs. Finally she couldn’t use her back legs at all. It was a struggle for her to get up. Then she wouldn’t eat or drink. So today I decided not to let her suffer anymore.
She was the first pig we bought when we decided to start raising pigs. I had named her Frieda, she was so small when we got her, but she quickly grew to be a 450 lb sow. I remember the day we picked her up, it was near Knoxville,Tn.. We brought her home in a dog kennel in the back of a Saturn Vue. Even though Frieda was very large she was very gentle. She loved the back of her ears scratched and every time I was in the pasture she would come over for scratching. She was also a very good and protective mother.
But this is just part of farm life, the hard part. No matter how many animals I raise I hate to loose one to disease or anything other than butchering. That may sound odd, but we do raise these animals for food. That’s my sad day. Frieda gave us many litters during her 7 years and I will miss her but the farm goes on.
On a happier note, I do have her last litter and a bore that has her personality, he also loves to have his ears scratched. Thank you for reading, until next time God Bless.

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